24th - 28th January

NOTE: The garden will close early on the 24th & 25th of January due to extreme heat. If you plan to visit on these days, please come early. The garden will also have extended open hours over the Aust. Day Long Weekend - see below.

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SPECIAL HOURS 24th – 28th January (includes Aust. Day Long Weekend)

Thur 24/1/19 – Open hours: 9am – 2pm (early close due to extreme heat)
Fri 25/1/19 – Open hours: 9am – 2pm (early close due to extreme heat)

Sat 26/1/19 – Open hours: 9am – 6pm (no admission after 5pm)
Sun 27/1/19 – Open hours: 9am – 6pm (no admission after 5pm)
Mon 28/1/19 – Open Hours: 9am – 6pm (no admission after 5pm)

The Blue Lotus Water Garden will open for extend hours over the Australia Day Long Weekend. To avoid the peak visitation period or disappointment of the venue being full. We advise visitors to arrive early BEFORE 11am or AFTER 2pm during the long weekend.

Normal open hours will resume on Tuesday the 29th January (10am – 5pm).


The Blue Lotus Water Garden is NOW open for the annual Lotus Flower Season. The gardens and all facilities are open every day including public holidays. Come and discover a world of lotus flowers, spectacular water gardens and plenty of outdoor fun for everyone.

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Giants of the Amazon

See the Giants of the Amazon exhibit. The largest waterlily species in the World. On display in our new Tropical World complex.

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Magical Fairies & Kids Fun

Escape to a magical place of fairies, flowers and outdoor fun designed for families with little ones. Meet the Fairy Queen, explore the Flower Fairy Garden and find the Red Dragon. 

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