Our Story


Founders Geoff & Yvonne

Let me introduce you to the Blue Lotus Water Garden, almost a dozen years ago Geoff and Yvonne Cochrane had a dream. To create something special as a legacy for future generations.

For over 40 years this property has belonged to the Cochrane clan, with most of it covered in weeds and blackberries before Geoff developed it as a market garden. He grew all types of vegetables – including Chinese cabbage (wombok)for the booming Asian market in Melbourne.In the mid-1990s Geoff had the idea to start a fly fishing resort which resulted in the construction of a new dam “Lotus Lake” and a number of other smaller
dams & ponds.

A range of waterlilies and lotus flowers were planted to beautify the dams and give shelter for the fish. But before long Geoff’s interest in the fishing idea became a distant memory. He decided to farm the waterlilies and lotus as a commercial crop to supplement his cabbage production.In 2001, Geoff started landscaping the lakes and ponds to provide a beautiful garden for the family. Then in 2004 he decided to develop a retail nursery specialising in water plants and open the garden to the public.

The nursery and gardens officially opened in 2006.The garden has now grown to cover over 50,000 square metres (14 acres) featuring thousands of exotic and native flowering plants featuring waterlilies, lotus & other rare plants. It also features dozens of ponds and two lakes all connected by walking tracks and 15 ornate bridges. Other attractions include four greenhouses that grow rare plants such as the world’s largest lily species, the spectacular Giant Amazon Lily – Victoria cruziana.