What’s New

In 2019 we have a number of new attractions to see and further upgrades to facilities and the nursery.

Giant Waterlilies

We have built a new pond to display a new species of Giant Waterlily – The Victoria Longwood Hybrid in the new Giant Victoria Lily House. This waterlily can grow lily pads over 2m in diameter which we hope to achieve by mid summer. This would make it the biggest in Australia and one of the biggest in the world. Our other Giant Waterlily – The Victoria Cruziana will also be on display in the Giant Amazon Lily House.

Claude Monet & Joseph Latour-Marlic display

Now you don’t have to travel all the way to France to see the waterlilies that Monet planted in his garden and created over 200 paintings from. We have sourced a collection of these waterlilies and planted them around a rotunda on our largest lake, which we have named “Monet’s Lake”, in hounor of the famous painter.

Tropical World

During the winter we have redeveloped our four greenhouses into a Tropical World that includes the Giant Amazon Lily House, Giant Victoria Lily House, Tropical House and Australian Native House, which will features a collection of tropical lotus and waterlilies from Northern Australia.

Golden Lotus Pond

The pond that holds the exclusive “The Golden Lotus” has been expanded and re-landscaped making it a more visual experience for the visitor. The “Golden Lotus” is a large yellow lotus flower with 88 petals, it flowers from mid February until we close in April.

Fairy Garden & Kids Play Area

We have continued to make improvements to both the Fairy Garden and developed a new are for kids that features a boat sandpit & climbing slides.


We have continued to improve the picnic and bbq areas around the garden including the picnic huts. We have also improved the display signage and the walking tracks.