Autumn Flower Season

Blooming Begonias and the Colours of Autumn

The Blue Lotus Water Garden holds its annual Autumn floral event from the 21st March to mid-April each year.

The event features one of the biggest displays of stunning begonia flowers in Australia and one of the most spectacular displays of floral hanging baskets in the world. Visitors will experience the beautiful colours of autumn as they explore over 14 acres of stunning gardens boasting dozens of lakes, fountains, waterfalls and thousands of autumn flowers.

Floral highlights include:
* Avenue of Begonias which stretches 500m along their famous bridge walk with over 500 giant hanging baskets full of flowers.
* Dozens of garden beds that surround the many lakes planted out with thousands of begonias, impatiens, sunflowers, salvias, and bougainvillea, producing a kaleidoscope of colour in every direction.
* See one of the world’s largest waterlily species, the Giant Amazon Waterlilies with their massive leaves.

Perfectly located for a day trip, the Blue Lotus Water Garden has extensive facilities including picnic areas, pavilions, shelters, park barbecues, alfresco café and kiosk, gift shop, garden shop and Australia’s biggest water plant retail nursery.

Attractions and Facilities

Avenue of Begonias

Experience wonderful vistas and thousands of flowers when you explore our famous bridge walk that run thourgh the middle of Cochrane Lake.

Autumn Garden

Surrounding our lakes and ponds are hundreds of garden beds planted with thousands of Autumn flowers that burst into colour during the cooler time of the year. 

Giants of the Amazon

See the World’s biggest waterlily species that can produce lily pads big enough to float on.

Tropical World
“Kakadu Lagoon”

Discover the wonders of tropical plants and flowers including Australian natives on display in our Kakadu Lagoon.

Dragons Trail

Meet our friendly dragons at the end of a magical trail that winds past waterfalls and through majestic lotus flowers. 

River Walk & Bird Watching

Enjoy the wonders of our native enviroment with towering river gums and tree ferns. A great place to catch a glimpse of many native birds.

Fairy Garden & Kids Fun

Kids will love our flower fairy garden, tree house and play areas. Full of fun and fantasy.

Picnic & BBQ Facilities

Have a lakeside picnic or bbq with your friends, family or group. We have fantastic facilities with dozens of picnic huts, shelters and pavilions. 

 Cafe & Kiosk

Located inside the gardens and provided exclusively for garden visitors is our fabulous alfresco cafe and garden kiosk.

Plant & Flower Nursery

Start your own water garden at home or buy a bunch of flowers. Browse Australia’s best selection of lotus and waterlily plants.