Discover a world of fairies & fun

Due to Covid 19 social distancing requirements. Fairy Queen appearances, fairy stories and face painting has been suspended.

The flower fairies have been busy building their own village, located near a grove of giant mushrooms and garden beds full of flowers. The fairies have also added a few fun features for little humans including 3 fantasy cubby houses, a rainbow slide, magic mister (warm days only), fairy dell wishing well, giant flower sculptures and the Fairy Queen’s magical throne. It also contains numerous lakeside picnic shelters and a BBQ, it’s a great place for families to have a picnic (with the fairies).

We also have play equipment with a boat sand pit near our cafe for young ones. And in our new family bbq area below the Giant Amazon enclosure. 

Kids of all ages will love the upgraded Dragon Walk located at the back of the gardens with two realistic dragon statues that appear to walk on water.

Every kid will love this free activity of discovery, fun and adventure. Our garden Spotto has been designed in a fun way to get kids interested in exploring the gardens and the wonders of nature. Each child receives a sheet and pencil on arrival, the sheet contains clues to a dozen features, animals or plants found in the garden. Once the children have found all the things on the sheet, they can return it to the ticket counter and exchange their pencil for a lolly pop reward.

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