Garden Tickets

*Prices subject to change without notice

Note: Tickets are available either at the gate or online. 

NOTE: Admission must be before 4:30pm


Senior & Pensioners: $16.00
Condition: ID card required – Victorian Seniors Card, National Seniors Card, Australian Disability Support Pension Card DSP, Australian Age Pension Card AGED (NOTE: We don’t accept any other pension or concession card)

Student: $16.00
Condition: Must be a student studying in Australia and produce ID card unless the student is studying at an Australian high school and accompanied by their parents, who must have tickets.

Kids (0-15 years): FREE
Condition: Must be under 16 years of age and accompanied by an adult with a ticket. School groups excluded.

Companion Card Holders: FREE
Condition: Must be assisting a person with a disability that has a ticket.

General Season Pass: Adults $40 Senior/Pensioner $30

Locals Season Pass:$18
Condition: Only available to Yarra Valley residents living with in 25km of the BLWG, photo ID is required.

NOTE: NO Ticket is required to access the Retail Plant Nursery, Rod’s Garden Shop or the Gift Shop. But a ticket is REQUIRED to access the gardens, cafe & kiosk.