Due to the ongoing Covid situation in Victoria. We have delayed our previously announced open date. The Blue Lotus Water Garden will now re-open on Boxing Day 26th of December 2021. The whole team is very excited about welcoming visitors once again to enjoy the spectacular beauty of thousands of lotus and waterlily flowers spread over acres of wonderful gardens.

Please note the gardens and other facilities will not open until 26th December.
On the weekend before Christmas, we will open our plant nursery and garden shop for customers wishing to purchase plants or gifts. For details click on the button below. 


COVID 19 UPDATE (22/10/21)
The last 18 months have been a massive challenge for all of us. Thankfully, things are starting to improve with our freedoms slowly returning.
Earlier this month, the Victorian Government released a “Roadmap”. However, the “Roadmap” continues to change and lacks detail on what restrictions will apply to the garden and its visitors this summer. We hope by mid-December the Victorian Government will make it crystal clear to all of us what ongoing restrictions will be imposed on our lives and businesses in 2022.
We thank all our visitors and customers for their patience and understanding during this time. Once we know for certain what the situation is likely to be. We will update our website and facebook page (prior to opening) with any changes or requirements we may need to make or implement.

Lotus Flower Season

Dec 26th – 31st March
Late December to the end of March is our famous display of magnificent lotus flowers. Visitors will get to see the world’s most extensive collection of different lotus flower varieties which produce millions of huge flowers over this period. Highlights include Lotus Lake and Lotus Wetlands with thousands of blooms each day, creating a virtual sea of flowers in every direction.

Golden Garden Season

1st – 17th April 2022
April is the best time to  thousands of perennial Autumn flowers such as bougainvillea, sunflowers, hibiscus, impatiens, salvias and petunias provide a kaleidoscope of colour. Other highlights include the world’s biggest waterlily species, the Giant Amazon Waterlilies. It’s also when our display of Native Australian waterlilies and lotus flowers are at their best.

Gardening Australia 

Join Jane Edmonson and Geoff Cochrane as they explore the wonders of native waterlilies and the spectacular Blue Lotus Water Garden.


The Blue Lotus Water Garden is a large outdoor open space with plenty of sunshine and fresh air. We have made a few changes such as increased cleaning, limiting capacity so there is plenty of room for everyone, spaced out picnic seating and sanitiser stations.

Garden Updates

For latest on what’s happening at the gardens. Please visit our Facebook page.

Have a picnic or dine at the cafe

Lily Pond Cafe & Ice Cream Kiosk

Enjoy a delicious lunch with friends, family or that special someone overlooking the waterlily pond. Or grab a takeaway snack or drink to have in the garden. Maybe spoil yourself or the kids with a scoop of gourmet ice cream.

Picnic & BBQ Facilities

Have a lakeside picnic or bbq with your friends, family or group. We have fantastic facilities with dozens of picnic huts, shelters and pavilions. All have amazing views of the garden.