Below is a list of questions many people ask before visiting the gardens

When do you open?
The Blue Lotus Water Garden is a seasonal attraction and opens to the public on the 26th of December and closes in mid April. Open hours are 10am-5pm daily during the open season with last entry at 4:30pm (NOTE: Hours may change at times due to extreme weather conditions or change of seasons)

Do I need a ticket to enter the gardens?
Yes, a ticket is required to access the gardens. Click on tickets tab in menu for current prices.
Can we bring our dog or pet?
NO, we don’t allow dogs or other pets in the gardens or on the property including the car parks (exception is a guide or registered assistant dog). Please leave your pet at home or in the care of a trusted person.

Do I have to buy tickets online?
No, however on busy weekends and public holidays we recommend visitors purchase tickets online before they come.This is to avoid disapointment as counter tickets may have sold out when you arrive.

Do I need a ticket to access the café, kiosk and ammenities?
Yes, a ticket is required to access these facilities as they’re located inside the garden and provided exclusively for ticket holders.

Do I need a ticket to access the plant nursery, garden shop or gift shop?
No, a ticket is not required to access the Blue Lotus Plant Nursery & Gift Shop or Rod’s Garden Shop, as they are located outside the garden.

Do children need a ticket to enter the gardens?
Children aged 0-15 years old are FREE and don’t need a ticket unless booking online. However, all children must be accompanied by an adult with a paid ticket. This offer does not extend to school groups. Anyone 16 years or older is considered an adult. 

How long does it take to look around and what is the best time to come?
The gardens are over 14 acres in size with more than 3km of pathways and numerous plant-based attractions to see. We suggest you allow 1-2 hours to explore the gardens, nursery and retail areas, longer if you plan to have lunch at the café or use the picnic/bbq facilities. Some people stay for only 1 hour, some visitors stay all day. The best time to see the lotus & waterlily flowers is January to mid-March. The best time to see the Giant Amazon Waterlilies and perennial flowers is February – April.

Can we bring our own food, have a picnic or BBQ?
Yes, you are very welcome to bring your own food or picnic and enjoy it in our gardens. We have lots of fantastic picnic shelters and 7 coin operated park BBQs.

Can I bring my own BBQ or camp stove?
Small camping stoves using butane gas are permitted. However, large portable BBQs are not permitted unless you have received prior permission from management.

Is there any food and drink available?
Yes, we have an alfresco café which is located inside the garden. Visitors can order a range of dine in lunch meals served to your table or use the takeaway service for snacks and drinks to have in the garden. There is also an Ice Cream Kiosk in the garden that sells scooped ice cream, snacks and drinks. Visitors DO require a ticket to access these facilities. NOTE: The café and kiosk is operated by Three Sugars Cafe and not the Blue Lotus Water Garden.

How accessible is the garden for people with limited mobility?
The gardens are mostly flat with a few slopes. The car parks and paths are unsealed. People with limited mobility may require assistance with access to some areas of the grounds. We do have one accessible toilet located in the plant nursery and accessible parking bays at the front entrance. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Do you have wheelchairs for hire?
We have a limited number of wheelchairs available which we allow our visitors to use free of charge. They are located at the ticket counter. We suggest you reserve a wheelchair prior to your visit.

Is there garden shelters and seating?
Yes, we have dozens of garden shelters with picnic tables ranging in size from shelters that hold 8 people to pavilions that hold 100 people. You are also welcome to bring your own picnic rug, or picnic.

Is there parking?
We have free onsite parking for cars and buses. People with limited mobility are advised to park in our main car park in the designated spots. Please note parking is limited and based on a first come first served system. If the car park is full, we advise you take a drive, explore the local area and come back in an hour or so, we will reopen the car park as soon as space becomes available.

Are carers free?
Yes, if you have a Carer or Companion Card and you are assisting a person with a disability that has a ticket to the gardens.

Can we bring alcohol?
No, we are not licensed.

Can I take photos or video for personal use?
Yes, if the photos and video is for personal use. Any commercial photography is not allowed unless you have received prior written permission from management.

Can I take wedding photos there?
Yes, if the photos or video is for personal use and all members of your party including the photographer have tickets. Please note, we don’t close off areas of the garden for weddings and members of your party must be mindful of other visitors.

Can I have a wedding at the Blue Lotus Water Garden?
At this time there is no facility to host weddings at the gardens. 

Can I use a drone at Blue Lotus Water Garden?
No, we do not allow drone photography.

What is banned from the gardens?
Pets, drones, pushbikes, skateboards, rollerblades, skates, scooters, fireworks, bangers, whistles, illegal drugs, weapons, alcohol, amplified music and anything that is considered dangerous.

Does the garden close on Total Fire Ban days?
Not unless weather conditions are considered dangerous for people in the gardens.

Does the garden close in extreme weather conditions?
If we consider the conditions are dangerous for visitors, we may close temporarily until conditions become safe again.