Plant Nursery

Check out our latest list of waterlilies and lotus plants available for purchase from our retail plant nursery – open from 26th December.


Our seasonal water plant nursery opens on Boxing Day the 26th December and is open 7days a week until mid-April. No ticket is required to access the retail plant nursery or gift shops as they are located outside of the gardens.

 We boast Victoria’s largest range of potted lotus plants and waterlilies suitable for backyard pots, bowls, ponds, dams and lakes. We also stock a range of other ornamental plants perfect for adding extra texture and colour to any water garden. To download our latest Plant Catalogue click on the button below or for more info on growing lotus or waterlilies. Download our Plant Care Tips by clicking on the button below.


Cut Lotus Flowers
Freshly cut lotus flowers are available from the plant nursery daily between 26th Dec – late March. Customers that wish to purchase more than 20 flowers will need to pre-order 24 hours in advance and collect their order from the nursery (sorry, we don’t offer a delivery service). The minimum flower order is 20 stems. Please contact us via email to place a flower order. Please include the quantity, colour, date & time you wish to collect them and your contact phone number.
Please send email to:

Gift Shop
Located next to the nursery is our lovely gift shop that offers visitors a cool and comfortable space to browse our great range of indoor plants, souvenirs, t-shirts, hats, gardening books, homewares, gifts, artwork and garden themed products. Try on our exclusive range of lotus & waterlily tops or sit on the comfy couch and watch a garden video or read a book. The gift shop open times and dates are the same as the garden.

Seasonal Open Dates and Times
Our plant nursery, garden shop and gift shop will open daily between 10am-5pm from 26th December – mid April. 
Ph: (03) 5967 2061
Address: 2628 Warburton Hwy, Yarra Junction, Victoria