Garden Tickets

Are available for purchase at the ticket counter or online by clicking on the button below.
NOTE: We recommend booking online tickets on weekends and public holidays to avoid disappointment, as counter tickets can sell out at busy times.


Adult Ticket – 
Conditions: Anyone 16 years and older is considered an Adult.

Senior or Pensioner Ticket – $t.b.a
Condition: Must have a valid Seniors Card or Pension Card. We don’t accept Health Care Cards

Child Ticket (0-15 years) – $t.b.a
Condition: Must be accompanied by a parent or guardian with a paid ticket. Excludes school groups. 

Companion Card or Professional Carer – $Free
Condition: Must be assisting a person with a disability that has a paid ticket. Must have a valid Companion or Professional Carers Card.

Group bookings and discounts are NOT available on Sundays or public holidays and subject to availability. For more information about our group deals, please click on the button below.

Online Tickets
Online tickets are recommended to avoid disappointment that gate tickets maybe sold out when you arrive. The garden has a limited capacity and gate tickets often sell out on busy weekends and public holidays. Space is always reserved for visitors that purchase online tickets.

Date Change Requests
Requests to change the date of a online ticket must be made directly with Ticketbooth by either the self-login “Exchange Tickets” button located at the bottom of your original reciept (booking comfimation) before 10am on the day the original ticket is valid for. Alternatively you can send an email to Ticketbooth and request to swap the date of your ticket before 4pm on the day the original ticket is valid for.  Please send ALL date change requests to:

Please Note: Date change requests are subject to availability. All tickets become void at 4:30pm on the attendance date of the ticket. No changes will be facilitated directly by the Blue Lotus Water Garden staff. Online tickets are NOT refundable unless allowed under our Terms and Conditions .

Service Fees
Ticketbooth charges a service charge that includes a per ticket fee and credit card merchant fees to process the online ticket purchase. The Blue Lotus Water Garden pays 50% of these fees with 50% of the fees passed on to the customer. The cost to the customer is aproximately:
Adult Ticket $0.87, Senior / Pensioner Ticket $0.81, Child Ticket (4-15 yrs) $0.51