Golden Garden Season

1st – 18th April

During the mild days of April is when our perennial gardens burst into colour along with dozens of huge hanging baskets located throughout the garden. It’s a time when thousands of lotus leaves start to turn beautiful golden colours along with many deciduous trees.

For lovers of natural wonders, our extraordinary giant waterlilies are very impressive having reached their maximum size. Located in our Giants of the Amazon exhibit, these amazing plants have lily pads over 1.3m in diameter. Some years they get even bigger, up to 1.8m in diameter.

And there is still plenty of lotus and waterlily flowers to see, however not as prolific as in the summer months. One of the features in April is our exhibit of native lotus and waterlilies from Northern Australia. The display is located in our Kakadu Lagoon which is part of our Tropical World complex.

Special highlights of the Golden Garden Season

*Autumn Perennial Garden*

*Giants of the Amazon*

*Tropical World – Kakadu Lagoon*

*River Trail & Brid Watching*